Creative, Curator, Stylist

Virginia Dowzer
Creative, Curator, Stylist

The goal, through my entire career, has been to push the boundaries surrounding visual communication and work towards creating a piece that is effective and engaging. I strive, through working within the creative process, to further articulate the wonderment and complexity in fashion and fashion related themes.

One can never underestimate the visual power of beauty and the richness it can deliver. Storytelling through visual communication, stills and moving image, is about uncovering and developing that aesthetic.




Words from colleagues —



Christian Wagstaff
Creative Director

Virginia has the sharpest eye I know. She has the ability to cast her mind across the wider picture of any project whilst seeing the importance in the detail and the subtleties.  Her work is loaded with emotion and realness.  She brings to the surface the beauty in everything. 


Andi Ross
Creative Director

Virginia is the ultimate professional – undoubtedly one of Australia’s best stylists. She answers the brief, and then goes beyond what is expected, to bring a depth and new level you never knew you needed. I am constantly delighted and surprised by her work.


Julie Wright
Course Leader
Faculty of Design, Arts & Science

In addition to being a gifted visual communicator, Virginia is an authoritative and engaging public speaker. Her keynote presentation, delivered to a packed auditorium that included Board Members, CEO, staff and students, was powerful, passionate and right on point with its message.

Ever the professional, Virginia had prepared meticulously, and her positivity left us feeling inspired and energised.




Mary Darzi

A true educated fashionista without the pain of being a diva. An absolute accurate eye for detail. Every production with her has been seamless. Virginia is hands-on and her passion exudes in every production.


Bronwyn Kidd

When I work with Virginia I know that she will come at the creative in a very different way to anybody else in the industry, including myself. There is always a method to the way in which she works with depth and reason, and I have learnt to trust this implicitly.


Samra Hussein

Dedicated style queen that makes fantasy real …. a visionary with imagination … the explorer of style.



Creative, Curator, Stylist

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